2018 Yaho will be open till 9pm
2018 art space

Kunsthalle Duesseldorf
March 9
Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Duesseldorf, Germany

Each visitor gets a small bag of flower seeds to welcome her/him in our new exhibition "Welcome to the Jungle".

March9@19:00-21:00 info@mikikosatogallery.com(mikiko sato)
Klosterwall 1320095 Hamburg

lectureFJapanese Photography after 1945 - An Introduction (Part 1)
Jan-Frederik Rust

March 15

Wilhelm Str. 15 D-65185 Wiesbaden / Germany

We give a free invite Ticket for our next show opening on March 15th, so people should coe an PICK UP their Voucher Ticket -

- Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst / Centre for Contemporary Art-
Elke Gruhn
Vorstand / Künstlerische Direktorin
Executive Board / Artistic Director

ON megumi Akiyoshi (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center .NY)
March2 onmeg8@gmail.com
135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211

On Friday, March 2nd, I'll be at WAH center in Brooklyn, NY as a moving gallery titled, ON gallery. If you talked to me, we could take selfie picture together :)

Susan Pietzsch
I will produce and wear the >Thank You Art Day Tatoo< on my left hand on that day.

2018 WEB

Atsushi Kadowaki
Apply untill March9@e-mail: info@kadowakiart.com

I will ride my bike along the coast of Tohoku from March 7-9. I will give 3 person my photo by e-mail.

FADs art space@
till March9@EMAIL

A work is presented to one person by lot.

till March 9 e-mail:kaihatsu@pp.iij4u.or.jp @

I put works in my pocket on March 9th.
Please feel free to show me in your pocket.


Tuning on the WAKUSEI. You can Listen [ Ko-e-no-drama Back to Back Poem ]

Masayuki Nakamura
Till March9@e-mail: masacci@mqb.biglobe.ne.jp

We will present original photo CD to 3 people.Please apply by e-mail.


Shirahama marine art museum
9@kaibi@nifty.com (Yanagi Yoshio)
628-1 Shirahama Shirahama-tyo Minamiboso-city Tiba-prefecture

An entrance fee is free on March 9.

`ndo Yuji Shonen-no-Hi Museum of Art
9@shonen@axel.ocn.ne.j(Fumiko Ando)
623-1mikaguracho sanoshi tochigi

Please say "thank you" by receptionist.
A postcard is given.

YONAGO City Museum of Art
March 9@
12nakamachi yonago tottori

Please say "Thank you" at the reception.We will give you a postcard.

aisome 7782@ikeda town kitaazumi County Nagano state@Japan

Admission fees:discounted rate

Keiyu Nishimura museum of art @@@@@ @@@
March 1-9 musee@topaz.ocn.ne.jp(Sato)
143-2, Minamihoroni, Kyowa, Iwanai-gun, Hokkaido 048-2142 JAPAN

If you bring a ticket about Shu Ogawa museum or Kida Kinjiro museumthen we will discounted Admission.
If you buy the original product.You can draw lots

March 1-9 kidabi1@khaki.plala.or.jp(okabe)
51-3 Mandai Iwanai-cho Iwanai-gun Hokkaido,JAPAN
tel:0135-63-2221(Taku OKABE)

Please show me the ticket of other art museums.
A discount is given.
Tea Lounge menu All items 100 yen discount

Shu Ogawara Museum of Art@@@@@ @
n6e7kutchan Hokkaido 044-0006@JAPAN
@@@@@@@@@@@ @
If you bring a ticket about Keiyu Nishimura museum or Kida Kinjiro museum then we will discounted Admission.
Original goods will be presented to all visitors (limited quantity)

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum@@
March1-9 :arishima.museum@gmail.com iitoj
57arishima niseko tabuta Hokkaido

Please show me the ticket of other art museums.
A discount is given.
We will present an original postcard to everyone.

Teshikaga Arctic@Cold@Art@festival2018 @@After@Event@
open-air museum "Yukimori Museum of Art"
March7-10 onsen@gold.ocn.ne.jpizenj

3-2-40 Kawayu Onsen Teshikaga Town Hokkaid@Japan
ARtINn Gokkan Geijutu Densensouchi (Staying Museumj


March7-9 (6:00-21:00)@@March10 (6:00-17:00)

"Yukimori Museum of Art"Restart

"Yukimori Museum of Art" is an open-air museum which is deployed in the forest behind the hotel. Works exhibited on the snowy promenade can be viewed from dawn until 21 o'clock. Fifteen works including Jun Honma , Tomoyuki Noda, Mikio Ban, puf are displayed. A group of works that brings out a strange atmosphere exerts its true value at night. Husband! Public invitation for next year's work will also be on sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZTEi_ixoyQ

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art
March13-18 oota-agwm@pref.yamanashi.lg.jp(Tomoko Ota)
1-4-27 Kugawa, Kofu, Yamanashi, 400-0065 JAPAN

We will present museum goods to 39 people who said "Thank you art" at the reception desk!

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo Yaho
March 9 iReiichi NOGUCHIj
2-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, JAPAN

On March 9, admission to the exhibition will be 100yen OFF saying "thank
you" at the ticket counter.

2018 facilities for ART

Art event "Performing myself celebrating Art -Who sing at first?-"
Organized by Chiba Art Network Project "WiCAN"

March9 18:30 to around 21 mail@wican.org (Shingo JINNO, Takumitsu AGATA)

Venue: Chiba-shi Chuo-ku@*We will inform participants later
*application required

Participatory art event celebrating art. Participate at low price
(food and drink, 500 yen)

Toride Art Project

March 10 takagi@toride-ap.gr.jp(Takagi Ryoichi)
2156takasu toride ibaraki

We will hold a lecture on art by Yu Sato!

BankART1929 Studio NYK@
3-9kaigan dori nakaku ykohamashi

Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
March 9 press@tokyoartsandspace.jp(PR SectionFOgita, Ichikawa)
2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

Tell us "Thank you! Art" at the reception and the first 3 people
will get our annual report book at TOKAS Hongo and TOKAS Residency!
Tokyo Arts and Space Residency
March 9 press@tokyoartsandspace.jp(PR SectionFOgita, Ichikawa)
1F, 2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0023

Tell us "Thank you! Art" at the reception and the first 3 people
will get our annual report book at TOKAS Hongo and TOKAS Residency!

Youkobo Art Space
March9 13:00`15:00 i
nfo@youkobo.co.jp(Makiko Tsui)
Zempukuji 3-2-10 Suginamiku Tokyo,167-0041 Japantel:813-5930-5009

yArtist Talk by Residency Artistsz
We will hold a talk event with Boaz AharonovitchiIsrael), Charlotta Östlund (Finland), Anneli Kanto (Finland) who will take part in our residency program in March. Please join us!!

NADiff a/pa/r/t

March9 artshop_2@nadiff.com(Ayumi Kawagoe)
NADiff A/P/A/R/T 1F, 1-18-4, Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

we give a favorite exhibition ticket to a buying person more than one thousand yen.


to japanese gallery
2018 Personal Group

March10-11 Time 10:00-15:00
Place Sumida Ward internal parksiDetails announced on the day at http://www.taigart.com)

Perfomance "I wish to look up at the sky while lying down on a bench in a park. "
Rainy weather cancellation

S.Y.P Artist Experimental Lab
March9 info@arttokyo.sub.jp(Shotaro Yoshino)
10-10, Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

We have an Exhibition " The Herds / Sanae Yamada".
The artist (her self) tell about her art works.

2018 mass media