2016 Yaho will be open till 9pm
2016art space

March9 email: info@mikikosatogallery.com(mikiko sato)
Klosterwall 1320095 Hamburg

we are open untill 9PM


HAUS SEEPFERDCHEN@Bullerdeich 7 (Wiese am Park)
20537 Hamburg

Oel-Früh Cabinet Teil XVII
Club Fortuna - Installation Performance

Oel-Früh Schauraum V
Birgit Brandis - Catalog Release

Vernissage: 09. March 2016, from 20h
Exhibition: 10. March bis 02. April 2016

Do you saw the Exhibition last Friday in Hamburg with you?:

Internationaler Neujahrsempfang im Salon des Hauses Seepferdchen

Claudia Apel, Jennifer Bennett, Birgit Brandis, FH Breker, Club Fortuna
Christine Ebeling, Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung, Veronika Gabel, Hallo
Simon Hehemann, Annika Hippler, Verena Issel, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
Zinu Kim, Sebastian Kubersky, Monika Michalko, Stefan Mildenberger
Anna Nero, Sandra Poppe, Antje Sauer, Hans Saylors, Philipp Schewe
Jana Schumacher, Patrick Sellmann, Peter Sempel, Malte Struck
Hiroshi Takeda, Rikuo Ueda, Malte Urbschat, Hannes Uhlenhaut
Olaf Wolters

Ausstellung, Freitag, 12. Februar 2016 ab 18h bis 24h

Kunsthalle Duesseldorf
March9 mail@kunsthalle-duesseldorf.de
Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Duesseldorf Germany

We will give two postcards - showing works of our SONG Dong exhibition - away for free to every visitor on March 9th, 2016.


FADs art space@
till March9@EMAIL
A work is presented to one person by lot.

Atsushi Kadowaki
Apply untill March9@e-mail: info@kadowakiart.com

I'll give a rap CD about the Great Earthquake and the feeling of the youth in Tohoku if you send me an e-mail.

Masayuki Nakamura
till March
9@e-mail: masacci@mqb.biglobe.ne.jp

My photo CD is given to 3 persons.Please send mail to me.

NPO Art & Society Research Center
till March 9 e-mail: info@art-society.com(Hiroko Shimizu)@
6-11-14, 3331 Arts Chiyoda #311E
Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1010021, Japan

We will offer one copy of our publication, Japanese translation of
"Education for Socially Engaged Art" by Pablo Helguera".
with our small catalog of the exhibition "Living as Form (Nomadic Version) 20 years of Socially Engaged Art" as well as
"SEA Idea Marathon Documentation"!

Tano taiga

Until application March 8 email:39@taigart.com.

Speaking which saves money.
March 9 of date and time 20:00, 13:00
Around the place Kachidoki, Chuo-ku station
In mailing it I apply.

till March 9 e-mail:kaihatsu@pp.iij4u.or.jp @

The photograph taken in Mito japan, is givento 39 persons by E-mail.


Ikeda Masuo Art Museum
March 8 info@ikedamasuo-museum.jp(Nakao Miho )
10 Shiroato, Tonomachi, Matsushiromachi, Nagano

Admission is free on March 8. (Museum is open 9:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.)

Yuji Ando "syounen no hi" art museum
9 e-mail:shonen@axel.ocn.ne.j(Fumiko Ando)
623-1mikaguracho sanoshi tochigi

Please say "thank you" by receptionist.
A postcard is given.

Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Museum of Art
March 9 e-mail:hpmaster@hiroshige.bato.tochigi.jpiHIROKO NAGAIj
Address@116-9, Bato, Nakagawa-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi 324-0613, Japan

All visitors will receive free postcards.

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki
till:March 9

7-1-5 Masukata, Tama-ku, Kawasaki 214-0032

We present the admission ticket to 39 people.(japan only)

March 1-9
51-3 Mandai Iwanai-cho Iwanai-gun Hokkaido,JAPAN
tel:0135-63-2221(Taku OKABE)

Please show me the ticket of other art museums.
A discount is given.
All the drinks are discounted.

Shu Ogawara Museum of Art@@@@@ @
n6e7kutchan Hokkaido 044-0006@JAPAN
@@@@@@@@@@@ @
If you bring a ticket about Keiyu Nishimura museum or Kida Kinjiro museum then we will discounted Admission.

Goods are presented to everything a visitor's.

Keiyu Nishimura museum of art @@@@@ @@@
March 1-9
143-2, Minamihoroni, Kyowa, Iwanai-gun, Hokkaido 048-2142 JAPAN

If you bring a ticket about Shu Ogawa museum or Kida Kinjiro museumthen we will discounted Admission.

If you buy the original product.You can draw lots

Shirahama marine art museum
7 e-mail: kaibi@nifty.com (Yanagi Yoshio)
628-1 Shirahama Shirahama-tyo Minamiboso-city Tiba-prefecture

A key ring or a postcard is presented
on 7 th.

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo
iReiichi NOGUCHIj
2-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, JAPAN

On March 9, admission to the exhibition will be 100yen OFF saying "thank
you" at the ticket counter.

March9 bijutsu@town.ikeda.nagano.jp(Tominaga Junko)
aisome 7782@ikeda town kitaazumi County Nagano state@Japan

Admission fees:discounted rate


to japanese gallery

2016facilities for ART

Tokyo Wonder Site
March 9 contact@tokyo-ws.org PR Section

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

shibuya worker`s welfare hall 1f, 2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

1-19-8 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041

Tell us "Thank You! Art" at the reception and first 5 people will get a report book "The catalog Tokyo Wonder Site selected" at TWS Hongo and TWS Shibuya !

-Exhibitions on 3/9
Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo "The 9th emerging Artist supoort program"

-Exhibitions on 3/9
Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya"Wonder seede 2016" 2/13(sat)-3/20(sun)

Youkobo Art Space
March5 17:00-19:00 e-mail:info@youkobo.co.jp(Makiko Tsui)
Zempukuji 3-2-10 Suginamiku Tokyo,167-0041 Japantel:813-5930-5009

yOpen Talk about Artist in Residencies vol.12z
We will hold a talk event with Mariko Hori (Artist).
She will talk about her AIR experiences in Serbia. Please join us!!

NADiff a/pa/r/t Yaho

March9 artshop_2@nadiff.com(Ayako SUZUKI)
NADiff A/P/A/R/T 1F, 1-18-4, Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

If you shop more than 1000 yen., we present an exhibition ticket to you.

2016@Personal Group

ARTKI -The Breathing Method for Art-@
march 9 info@tomokoinagaki.comiTomoko InagakijAddress ARTCA Art Class 1-2-13 Bessho Kishiwada Osaka

Breathing method is told.
The charge is 1000 yen.


March9 19:00-@info@to-co-to.comiHatsuko Inamura j

408 Utoc Bldg., 6-85 Benten-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Artists from Japan and abroad and supporters will get together. Let's talk about what you are interested in, information about overseas countries, making your artwork, and whatever you like. Please donate ¥500 for food and drink. Free tickets for some exhibition at art museums are also presented.

2016mass media