2011 Yahoo will be open till 9pm
2011art space

March 9
Nassauischer KunstvereinWilhelmstrasse 15. 65185 Wiesbaden

the NKV will offer all visitors a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate contemporary art.

Studio 303(USj
March 9
520 West 27th Street 303 New York , NY 10001 USA

Keith Haring Nakamura museum ( Nakamura Keith Haring Collection ) publication catalog is offered by special price $10 to the coming on March 9.
Moreover, MAP and the coffee of Kobuchizawa art Village are served.

NY Coo Gallery
March 9@e-mailFgallery@nycoo.com
1133 Broadway #335 New York, NY 10010
Tel: 212-380-1149 / Fax: 646-313-3769

March 9th is the open day of Sakurako Suzuki solo Exhibition. You can came and if you want to join reception party next day, March 10th please came the gallery 5-7:30PM. It's free!

AllPopArt.com® (usa)
March 9@e-mailFinfo@allpopart.com
2040 Washington ST, 33020 FL USA

All Portraits 20% off for Japan Customers with code THANKYOUJP at checkout on 3/9/11.

Gallery 101@iCanadaj
March 9 e-mail: news@gallery101.org
301 1/2 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X7 tel: 613-230-2799

Artislife Press Hamburg (Germany)
March 9 e-mail: contact@artislife.de
Moellner Landstr. 47, D - 22096 Hamburg, Germany

15% off all our books
free shipping worldwide
free special "thank-you-art" gift wrapping
free special "thank-you-art" postcard designed by Hammato Toshio
free sample of delicious tea made in northern Germany

kiko Yasuda (Mexico)
March U@e-mail: martesartes@gmail.com
tel: 52 415 106 0920

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

From 11 am to 4 pm
Location is the Jardin in the center of the city

San Kyu (Thank You) Art / Muchas gracias a mucha gente
We will create a community collage with 500 people participating. This is a free, community event.

Nana Seo Eun-A (Curator)

http://www.sodowecollective.com (SO DO WE ©)

march9 e-mail: nana@sodowecollective.com
Asia Art Archive, A Space, Room 1001, 10/F Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

"A virtual live windows" - This is going to be a stage to share various ideas and its phenomenon of collectivism nowadays. Over 15 young artists and talented cultural workers are invited to stand for telling you a story of pure facts what we are facing now, as well as exchanging such interesting cases of how "collaboration"/ "un-expected combination" could bring impressive impacts in between here and there, on and off-line and you and us.

The contributors and other guests could fine us through live streaming on-line and on-site. This is an upgrade version of "A surprised live chat section" from last year's programme. This year's main topic and keywords of programme are: "Be Linked/ Collective Synergy" "Positive Collectivism" "Failure"

You will find more friendly gestures and a naked practice by art+cultural workers today. Please find more information and some of past programs at wiki:
http://twitter.com/thankyouartday (Follow us)


hidehiro watanabe
till March 9@

Please send me mail by March 9.
It presents 3 persons my drawing.
However, it is possible only to come for the receipt to my studio. (Tokyo)

Satoshi Nakata
till: March 9

1 person that presents plate of thank-you art (Only Japan )

Atsushi Kadowaki Community Art Office
Apply untill March9@e-mail: info@kadowakiart.com

I will give 3 persons a picture book about works of community art in Funabashi.
FADs art space @
till: March 9 MAIL
2-9-13 Higashi Kunitachi-shi Tokyo,Japan zip186-0002

It presents 1 person the catalog. Mail to us
(sorry japan only)

till March 9 e-mail:kaihatsu@pp.iij4u.or.jp @

I give 39 people a photograph by email. Make contact untill March 8.

Masayuki Nakamura
till March 9@
e-mail: masacci@mqb.biglobe.ne.jp

I present 3 persons the original photo. Please send mail.

Takeshi Shiokawa
till March 9@e-mail:Fts-421@ga2.so-net.ne.jp

I present 3 persons one set that consists of five postcard unit.
Please apply in mail.

till March 9

If you send your address and name to the email address specially open
to the public to the blog on the homepage (http://www.taigart.com) on
9th March (local time Japan), TANOTAIGA's graffiti picture postcard is
delivered to you from Cebu later.

Kazuya Taoka
till March 9 e-mail: taokakazuya@mac.com

It presents 1 person the cell phone strap.
Please E-mail to me.
It presents it by lot.


Nakamura Keith Haring Collection
March 9@
museum@keith.jp (emiri sakurabayashi)
10249-7 Kobuchizawa-Machi, Hokuto-Shi
Yamanashi 408-0044 , JAPAN

I will present the discount ticket of the admission fees 390 yen for 39 people.It is possible to use it during the session of "Conversation with church Keith Haring who doesn't have the Bible" exhibition of holding until January 9, 2012 March 19, 2011,
Please write, "Day of Thank you @ART" in mail and send it.

Shirahama marine art museum
March 9 e-mail: kaibi@nifty.com (Yanagi Yoshio
628-1 Shirahama Shirahama-tyo Minamiboso-city Tiba-prefecture

Two picture postcards give to all charged visitors.

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki
till:March 9

7-1-5 Masukata, Tama-ku, Kawasaki 214-0032

We present the admission ticket to 39 people.(japan only)

The Hakone Open-Air Museum

March 20
Ninotaira, Hakone-Town, Kanagawa-Prefecture, 250-0493 Japan

Lecturer at 13 o'clock March 20 when lecture is done: Herbie-yamaguchi.
At that time, we present an original towel.

Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art TOYOSHINA
March 5@e-mail: (Yanase Mizuho)
Toyoshina5609-3Minami azuma-gun Nagano Japan 399-8205 tel:0263-73-5638

Thank you art day concert pm1:30-

Yuji Ando "syounen no hi" art museum
March 9 e-mail:shonen@axel.ocn.ne.j(Fumiko Ando)
623-1mikaguracho sanoshi tochigi

If you say "Thank you art" in the Museum box office, We will giv one post card

Shu Ogawara Museum of Art@@@@@@@@@@@@
March 3-8 e-mail:bijyutsukanAtown.kutchan.hokkaido.jp(yabuki)
n6e7kutchan Hokkaido 044-0006@JAPAN

If you bring a ticket about Keiyu Nishimura museum or Kida Kinjiro museum then we will discounted Admission.
It presents one Original Pouch Goods to all those who come to a museum.

Keiyu Nishimura museum of art @@@@@ @@@
March 2-9
143-2, Minamihoroni, Kyowa, Iwanai-gun, Hokkaido 048-2142 JAPAN

If you bring a ticket about Shu Ogawa museum or Kida Kinjiro museumthen we will discounted Admission.
If you buy the original product.You can draw lots

March 2-9
51-3 Mandai Iwanai-cho Iwanai-gun Hokkaido,JAPAN
tel:0135-63-2221(Taku OKABE)

If you bring a ticket about Keiyu Nishimura museum or Shu Ogawa museum then we will discounted Admission.
The menu of the coffee shop, completely, 100 yen off

March 9
3-7-6jingumae shibuyaku tokyo@tel(81-3)3402-3001 ikoichi watarij

Exhibition free guide tour.
At 16 o'clock (Please buy the ticket)

The Ueno Royal Museum
March 14-30iduring the period the exhibition "VOCA2011" is openj
1-2@Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007
tel: 03-3833-4191 (Akemi SAKAMOTO, Sachiko OYANAGI)

Duirng the exhibition "VOCA 2011", from March 14th to 30th, admission to the exhibition will be 100yen OFF (500yen→400yen) on your showing the "thank you @RT" poster (please print it from the homepage) or saying "thank you" with a smile at the reception counter.  

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art
March 9.
12 .13 e-mail: kagawa-agzvApref.yamanashi.lg.jp(Kyoko Kagawa)
1-4-27 Kugawa, Kofu, Yamanashi, 400-0065 Japan

Please say, "Thank-you" with the museum counter.
The present presentation is done.

Moreover, please find the key word of the exhibition place.
The present is presented.

Ikeda Masuo Art Museum
March 8@e-mail:info@ikedamasuo-museum.jp(Miho Nakao)
10 Shiroato, Tono-machi, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano

Admission is free for all visitors on March, 8th, the anniversary of the artist's death.


March 9 kyousei@tj9.so-net.ne.jp(kazunobu yanagi )

I will make it to the entrance of 10%off.
The art work is turned off by 10%.

to japanese gallery


2011private personEgroupE party

Eiichirou Fukaseicurator^collectorj
12 e-mail:z--@diana.dti.ne.jp

Round in TOKYO second hand book shop Tour . Seven capacity recruitment (japan limitation)

March 7 18:30-@e-mail: inako1@mac.com
ZECU 6-85benten-st nakaku yokohamashi japan

You will join us with an artwork or any goods you have and think it art. Let's talk about your collection.

Book Tree
March5 @e-mail:furuhonbiyori@gmail.com(Kinue Naganawa)
1585-18 kashiwaishihanamigawachibashi

Free market of used book

2011facilities for ART

Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
March8 e-mail: contactAtokyo-ws.org(Shimokura (Shimokura)

It presents the catalog of the exhibition.
Please say a thank-you art by the acceptance.

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
March8 e-mail: contactAtokyo-ws.org(Shimokura)

It presents the catalog of the exhibition.
Please say a thank-you art by the acceptance.
Youkobo Art Space
25  e-mail:infoAyoukobo.co.jp( Utako Shindo)
Zempukuji 3-2-10 Suginamiku Tokyo,167-0041 Japantel:813-5930-5009

Thank You Art Day special Work Shop
"Sankyu Hands, Sankyu Voices"
March 9, 7pm-@Youkobo ART SPACE gallery space
The exhibitor of the current show 'Pressions', Linda Dennis, Australian artist based in Tokyo, will run a playful and performative workshop.
Please join it with your hands and voices! Solo Show


We look forward to having you at Youkobo.@


Art &Society Research Center
March 9  e-mail: info@art-society.com (Yasuyo Kudo )3331 Art Chiyoda, 311b@6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyodaku@Tokyo 101-0024 Japan

"Public Art Magazine" Vol.0, Vol.1, Vol. 2 each 390. (20`50% discountj

BankART1929 Studio NYK@
3-9kaigan dori nakaku ykohamashi

Please give "Thank-you" remark to me by the acceptance on March 9. It presents any one to the first five people from among this (DVD) of BankART.
Moreover, one drink is served up to the first ten people.
Please choose either.

NADiff a/p/a/r/tYahoo
March 9 (jyunko watanabe)
1-18-4 ebisu shibuyaku tokyo

We are going to give an exibition ticket of the museums around Tokyo to our consumer who would buy anything in our shop on this day.



2011mass media

CHIBA TV " art youme pocket "