subject line: "Thank You Art" Day on March 9
Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu.

The Day of 39@rt ("thank you art") is a holiday to appreciate, promote, and otherwise positively engage ourselves in contemporary art. It was established by Kaihatsu in 2000 to foster the appreciation of contemporary art in Japan, the country where support for contemporary art is still weak at best, if not altogether absent.

In Japanese, "thank you" rhymes with 3/9 (san-kyuu), because there is no "th" sound in Japanese and the Japanese people tend to pronounce "th" as "s." Thus, the Day of 39@rt on March 9.

Last year, 20museums and 90 art galleries/spaces, as well as
individual artists and Internet-based entities in Japan, offer special tie-in
programs on March 9 (or the week of March 9). Participants outside Japan include: United
Net-Works in Sweden and Urban Shaman Inc. in Canada.

So March 9 this year is on Wednesday.

? How to participate in the 39@art Day
It is very, very easy. An art gallery, a museum and an individual may participate in this project in various ways.
I recommend you will offer something special to your audience by:
--giving a discount on admission
--giving a discount on works
--preparing special wrapping kits
or --serving a cup of tea or other refreshment.

Anyone can participate in this "art holiday" in his/her own way!!!

Complete information can be found at

From this site, you can download the "Thank You Art" gift wrapper and poster.

For further information, please contact Yoshiaki Kaihatsu at info@39art.com

To participate in my project, please send me below information via e-mail.

1 Your name(museum, gallery, or individual)
3 e-mail address
4 address
6 Explain what you will offer for the project

send to
E-mail: info@39art.com